i22% of expats are over 55 years old
iOver 82% of male expats miss sports from home
i#1 concern for 59% of expat families is quality of local schooling
i78% of expatriates have a university degree
iExpatriates are 50% more likely to shop online
i61% of people living abroad save more money than at home
i47.3 million EU residents were born in a different country

Expat Audience

Experience & Expertise in our markets

iOnly 30% of Expats speak their local language fluently.
iExpatriates are 34% more likely to open a business.
iMore than 64% of expats are on long-term assignments.
iExpats spend 280% more time on the phone at Christmas.
iExpats in the US: under 10% happy with their health insurance.
i19% of retirees choose their location due to tax benefits.
i45% of international Students go on to work abroad.

Experience & Expertise
in our markets

The number of people living in a different country from their birthplace is larger than ever - and growing. Expats are a diverse bunch: globally mobile executives and professionals, retirees moving to the sun, students studying abroad, people deciding to change their lives with a move abroad... Above average in many ways, such as income and level of education; they are difficult to reach with traditional media. Our goal is to help each client reach their Expat Audience.


It's time to think
about people
not users!

The expat demographic is a challenge to reach effectively

Our agency was created with a single focus on helping our clients get better insight into different, specific expat markets. Our goal is to support cost-effective activity to reach specific audiences and generate new customers. We combine a data-driven approach - based on measurement and analytics - with creativity in problem-solving and communication. Collectively, the team has over a decade of experience in building successful marketing campaigns for targeting expatriates.

What We Do

Expat Audience provides solutions to real-world challenges we regularly encounter working with clients

We can deliver optimised campaigns across carefully selected expat sites and specialist media. Based on specific target segments and campaign objectives, we will then work to get the best results from the spend.
We can manage your PPC activity, including Google Ads (our staff are certified), to deliver results. Our experience in keyword identification, campaign optimisation, multilingual markets and disciplined segmentation means we can reach specific targets. Our primary goal is to increase conversion while maintaining or reducing CPC costs.
An increasingly important element in any campaign. We can help design, implement and optimise your promotion on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
Drowning in numbers? Still don't have real answers? We help customers turn their data into intelligence. We can work on a specific measurement challenge or work on building an improved framework for measurement.
What markets do I need to focus on? How will migration trends affect potential new customers in different regions? How do I promote my new products to a specific segment? Our experience means we can deliver value into any planning process, provide an outside point-of-view and deliver fresh ideas.
Do you really understand how you are getting new customers? Where do you lose the most prospects? Why? We combine analysis of existing data with human review and mystery shopping to provide an independent evaluation and set of detailed suggestions on how to improve results.
The CTR on a banner or the first impression from a landing page can make the difference between success and failure. We can evaluate current materials, provide advice and design for you.
The conversion rate of a landing page can make or break a campaign. Building convincing, effective messaging is a tough job. We can help.
We created our SEO audit based on the work done for a number of different clients. Over 100 discrete checks are used to build up a scorecard for a website and deliver an action plan. In many cases, a number of small changes can have a very positive effect on traffic from search engines.

Our approach

We will not engage with any client unless we fully understand their business, current methods and challenges.
We build each campaign suggestion based on reaching specific objectives and goals.
A streamlined process and project tracking mean we will consistently deliver high-quality service.
Regular reporting and progress reviews drive optimised campaigns based on real performance data.

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